Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 25 

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: I’M CAUGHT UP WITH THE WEEK I MISSED!! Wow, this chapter is longer than the rest. It’s 2.5 k. Yikes. Tell me what you think about this chapter. :)  

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The elevator ride up to his office on the highest level of the building was surprisingly not as awkward as I imagined it would be. Scott made light conversation, discussing various topics like the weather to plans after work. I had smirked at him for trying to flirt with me after knowing fully well I was attached to someone or at least, attached since yesterday night.

“Are you sure you don’t want to grab drinks with me?” Scott asked as soon as the doors pinged open, stepping aside for me to go out first.

“You should know better to ask one of your opposing council’s team members out.” I smiled, following him down a sleek hallway of offices, right down to the last one at the end. “You are a lawyer, right?” I quirked an eyebrow when he grinned back, nodding his head. Scott opened the door of his office and for what seemed to be the millionth time in my life time, I was astounded by the space he dared called his workplace. Similar to Tom’s, most of the furniture followed the same color scheme of grey, black, and white. His desk sat directly in front of the expansive windows overlooking midtown London—a spectacular sight of developing neighbourhoods, tall buildings, and a royal park off to the side. “Why is that both of you have these amazing offices?” I asked out loud before I could stop myself. Scott let out a sharp laugh, muffling it with the back of his hand. He walked over towards the sofas that sat right in the centre and sat down, gesturing me to sit on the sofa beside his.

“Well, we do live in them.” Scott joked. I’ll give him a point for that. I’m sure both men were as busy as each other, building businesses, earning millions and in Scott’s case, destroying lives. Right, he did that. I reminded myself the harsh reality that this brown haired, chocolate caramel eyed, Greek god was out to take down my boss’s company and me simply sitting in his office seemed like an ultimate betrayal. But like this thought that surfaced in my mind, I also realized I no longer work for Hiddleston & Baker and my obligations with Tom had ended when I handed in my resignation letter.

“So, what’s the real reason why you asked me to come here?” I sat forward in my seat, studying the man who could joke and laugh with you but slap you down faster than you saying the punch line to the joke.

“Why do you have to sound so…skeptical of everything?” Scott lifted his leg and rested his ankle on one knee. He tapped his shoe with one finger, studying me as he went on. I didn’t mean to squirm but the way he looked at me made me like I was naked. And the only man who had ever made my heart beat as fast or made me completely transfixed by a pair of eyes was Tom.

“Because you sent out to destroy my boss’s company?” I ended off my sentence higher than I would have liked, making it sound like a question rather than a statement. He smirked.

“We’ve already discussed this.” Scott waved it off with his hand. “It’s old news for us both.”

“Then how about you drop it?” I said bravely. I didn’t even know why I should care about Tom and his company. The man dismissed me in less than ten words, didn’t bother to explain himself and his ways. He never told me anything about his past, leaving his sworn enemy to do the job. Clearly, he didn’t trust me enough for any knowledge of his past history. I was simply a puppet who got toyed around with when he was bored and needed entertainment. I felt hot tears press at the back of my eyes but I fought them down. On top of the mess my life was already turning into, I didn’t need to add Scott seeing me openly cry about my failed love life to it. “Drop it. You’ve seen him squirm. You see the company falling apart at the seams. Let it go.”

“Let it go?” Scott leaned forward in his seat, laughing lightly as if I told him a splendid joke he couldn’t wait to share. “Amelia, you didn’t have to see my father’s face when his law firm folded. For once in his life, he lost. He lost the greatest case in his life and that was falling in love with that malicious woman.”

“I still don’t understand.” I exasperated, clutching the side of my head. “It’s Tom’s mum! It’s not Tom! She died! You can’t get revenge on someone who died and it’s not fair for you to attack the innocent!”

Scott barked out a loud bitter laugh. “Oh, Amelia. I guess the last time we talked, I didn’t tell you the full story. Yes, I agree with you. I shouldn’t take my anger out on the innocent but see here’s the thing. Tom isn’t innocent. He’s far from it. He’s not a good man, Amelia. You should know this by now.” He looked deeply into my eyes as if he was searching for something. “He’s hurt you already…I can tell.”

“What?” I gasped, blushing furiously at my reaction to his brutally honest deduction. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“My god…” He clucked the roof of his tongue and smiled. “You told him you loved him and he turned you down…just like the rest.”

“Just like the rest?” I repeated numbly. It was like he took a hot knife and stabbed it through my heart, wedging it deeper and twisting it at the moment I thought I suffered the most amount of excoriating pain.

“Why do you think he’s always single or his relationships don’t work out?” Scott blinked blankly. “He wines and dines them and then when they say the ‘L’ word, he leaves them. Although, he does seem to have a heart. On past occasions, I believe he ends it right before they manage to squeak out the one syllable word out just to safe them the embarrassment.” He was looking fondly at the painting hung up on the wall from across where we sat. I let out a small shuttering breath, clasping my mouth with my hand to stop my sobs from rising to surface when he sat down beside me and rubbed my back soothingly. “I’m sorry…Tom’s an idiot. He lost someone great and he’s a fool for not realizing it.”

“Thanks.” I smiled through my tears but ended up breaking down even more. Oh god, I was doing so well! I had barely made a squeak throughout the whole day being so near to him yet so far away and now I had lost all control sitting beside a man I should hate. “I just don’t understand why it hurts so badly.” I choked out, taking the tissue he extended out to me, wiping my tears harshly away from my warm cheeks.

“It hurts because you care.” Scott brushed a lock of my hair behind my ear, sending unwanted shivers to dance along my spine. “Don’t let the pain stop you ever from loving again.” I looked up into his eyes and saw something I hadn’t noticed in them before. A trace of sadness laced with pain and love. He may have seemed like the redder apple on the tree compared to Tom but his past was no less damaged. His family’s legacy had almost faded away, his father’s death, and having to grow up faster than the rest of his peers without guidance.

“What really happened between you and Tom?” I asked quietly, gently prodding him to tell me their strained relationship. Scott shut his eyes tightly, locking his jaw, and pursing his lips to a thin line.

“After his mother died, he blamed me for it.” He concentrated staring at my lips. “We had fights in school after the funeral like the typical over confident twenty year olds in University. We pulled pranks, teased, and occasionally beat the living shit out of each other whenever we had the chance. I had grown tired of it. I needed to concentrate on my studies because my father had left me the remaining bits and ends of the firm for me to takeover once I graduated from law school in his will. My uncle managed what he could during my studies.” Scott paused briefly, drew in a breath and soldiered on. “It was right before admissions were finalized for law school—a very delicate time for all law school candidates. Nothing could go wrong. But it was also the time that during one of my nights out at party did Tom decide it was the perfect time to push me into a pool. I was young. I was young and angry so I fought back. Long story short, the cops were called, we were arrested for fighting and I almost didn’t make it to law school.”

My mouth was hanging open but I made no movement to close it after hearing their muddled past. “Can’t you still forgive him? You made it afterwards…”

“I got rejected by Harvard Law and was only allowed in after a very generous donation from our rapidly depleting funds.” Scott replied quietly. “He set our firm back by at least a decade and not to mention the humiliation and downright bullying he directed towards me during my final school years. I’m not going to let him off so easily, Amelia. I’m going to sit back and relax and watch the show.”

“Mr. Mackenzie?” I flinched at the sound of a cheery unfamiliar voice coming from the intercom on his desk. “Mr. Flinch is here to see you.” I saw the alarm set in his brown eyes as soon as he heard the visitor’s name.

“Thank you, Bethany.” Scott said in a calm voice. “Can you please seat Mr. Flinch in the board room?”

“Not a problem. Is there any further instructions?” Bethany replied in equally soothing tones.

“Please contact security and have them on standby.” He said as he got off the sofa and took out his phone from his breast pocket, scrolling through something on his screen, brows furrowed together. “That is all.”

Scott placed his phone against his ear and not a second later, he was talking to another person. “Harry. I want to know why the fuck is David Flinch in my office.” He turned his attention back to me. An icy shiver ran throughout my body, turning my limbs wintery cold as he continued on about security percussions and how many members of Harry’s team was on location. Something was definitely wrong. “Yeah, I have someone with me right now. I don’t want anyone near her. You bloody fucking hear me?” Scott shouted into his end of the phone and then clicked off.

“What’s going on?” I demanded, rising off my seat and grabbing my purse.

“Nothing, love.” Scott took my elbow gently in his hand, guiding me towards the door. “I’m going to have someone drive you to wherever you need to go.”

“I can take the train—”

“Amelia, please don’t make this harder than it has to.” He pulled me back so I could see how serious his expression was. “Right now, all I care about is your safety.”

“Then tell me what’s going on!” I stressed but he clamped a hand on my mouth to stop me from yelling any further.

“Please, trust me and listen to me.” Scott opened the door and held my hand, leading me back down the corridor, nearing the elevators when a raspy low voice stopped us both in our tracks.

“Mackenzie.” The tall burly man sitting on one of the sofas in the waiting area stood up and greeted us with a coffee stained smile. “Long time no see.”

“Mr. Flinch.” Scott stepped forward slowly, shifting me back, and hidden behind him. What on Earth was going on? “I see you’re doing well.”

“Could be doing better, I’m afraid.” David Flinch shrugged. “Who’s the pretty lady standing behind you?”

I felt bile rise in my throat from the way he leered at me with his dark grey eyes, scanning me head to toe as if he was measuring my worth for the black market.  

“Amber Lee.” Scott swiftly lied. “She’s a communications director from one of our clients but she’s going now. You’re busy right?” He turned his gaze back to mine.

“Y-Yes.” I stuttered, nodding my head for emphasis.

The elevator pinged alive, saving us both from our lie falling apart. I could tell by one single glance at David Flinch that everything he was made up of was bad. Scott nearly pushed me into the elevators once the doors were opened.

“I’m sorry, I’ll talk to you later.” He whispered quickly under his breath and jabbed at the button.

“But—” I cried. I saw David’s grey eyed look right before the doors closed shut. Breathing heavily like I just ran a marathon, I waited patiently as the floors whizzed past by me. Surprisingly, nobody had stopped my ride and boarded on. Once I was on the parking lot floor, a tall red haired man dressed in a black suit approached me.

“Miss. Hart?” He asked. “I’m Harry. I’ve been asked to take you home.”

“Can you please tell me what’s going on?” I followed quickly beside him, passing by rows and rows of parked cars until we stopped at a black SUV that looked like a tank compared to the ones parked beside it.

“I was instructed to not answer any of your questions.” Harry held the door open, allowing me to step inside. “Buckle up.”

“I mean it!” I slammed my fist down onto the seat beside me once Harry got into the front passenger seat. Another personal had taken the driver’s seat already.

“Miss. Hart, I was told to keep you safe no matter what and I intend to do so.” He deadpanned as the car lurched forward, driving quicker than what the speed limit allowed.

“Keep me safe from what!” I cried out of annoyance. This was beginning to become infuriating. All these men ushering me to God only knows where, claiming I was in great peril and I didn’t even know what it was!

“Amelia.” I heard Scott’s voice through the speakers of the car.

“Scott?” I cried from relief. “What’s going on?”

“Harry, Flinch made a phone call before he entered my office. I think they’re tailing you right now.” Scott said, completely ignoring my question. “Drive to the penthouse and secure all grounds. Amelia?”

I sighed from relief when he finally acknowledged me. “I’ll explain everything when I can but right now, I’m going to have to keep you on lockdown at my penthouse. I’m sorry.” He apologized and hung up, leaving me with another million questions to answer. 

END AUTHOR’S NOTES: God bless everyone because I finally made it to the exciting parts of the fic where action finally happens. Oh yes. Please tell me what you think and lots of love from me.

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