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August 2014

Anonymous asked

how come in order to be 'nice' tom has to be a pushover to the woman in his life? i love your fluff, but I also feel like tom should have more of a chance to be right sometimes. it shouldn't always be 'oh you're absolutely correct i'm just afraid about not having time for the kids but actually i'm totally fine and let's have all the babies.' just based on my own experience, those kinds of discussions don't go like that. ever. nor should they - it's a big decision.

To be very honest, the fic was meant to be a very short one like the rest of the daddy tom fics so in order for it to be short, a lot of things need to be cut out. I personally decide the lengths of the fic I write before I write them so I would know when to give myself the big red sign that says stop or the green light that says keep going. I never had a big plan for this one shot except for the hesitance and angst between OC and Tom and for him in the end to realize he’s actually an okay father after much reassurance from the OC and that hey, maybe trying for another child is great at that moment in his life. 

And that was exactly the whole point of why he decided to ‘try’ for another baby and not because he wanted to be nice or was a pushover. He’s doing it because he’s comfortable and wants to. Upon reflection, it would have made a lot more sense for the reader or give more comfort for the reader if I included him thinking more about it, reflecting on his relationship with charlie and his work and then went, okay. Maybe it’s okay now. Or maybe it’s not okay. I don’t want this right now. And discuss some more with the OC. But, in my defense, I set the word limit of it being short so that would have made it long and drawn out on my standards and I apologize if that didn’t sit right with you and you completely hate me for it or hate the one shot because of it. 

Now onto the next point of you being tired of Tom always being wrong and needs his fair moments of glory where he’s right and the OC is wrong and she apologizes and everything goes back to normal or everything ends in shits and it’s all hopeless for everyone, please stop this madness, i hate you and this world. 

I don’t consider myself to be a typical fan fiction writer. Most of my stories involve no plot, no meaningful message that makes you reflect on your past and make you a better person. Every one shot I write—not all—but most of them are based on one single event or line or thing that drives it. It may be Tom pulls the OC into a dance right before work or Tom remembers to bring home the wine for dinner that night and he says something witty and OC teases him for what he said about her during an interview. There’s not much meat or gritty substance to it. It’s fluff. It’s things you read that make your heart warm and your stomach to flutter and then once you’re done reading, it’s over. And hopefully, the moment lingers longer. But most of the times, you’ll forget. 

And many of you have mentioned this before but most of my one shots sound eerily similar to the past ones I’ve written. For example, they may take place in the morning and there’s breakfast but there’s another small event that makes it different. I don’t consider myself a good fan fiction writer because of this. I feel sad when I realize that I produce a lot of one shots that sound somewhat the same but still different so it’s enough to keep my followers and readers to like it but not enough to make a mark. 

But it’s my lack of originality that makes you annoyed or uncomfortable with this one shot. You’re probably sick and tired of my stories having Tom being wrong and the OC being right. I do remember writing stories where OC is wrong and Tom tries to forgive the OC but it’s very sparingly that I do so for reasons only explained by my bland imagination, i guess. 

Even with this long winded answer to your criticism, I still appreciate it very much because it makes me grow as a writer and learn from mistakes that I have written. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing stories with a thicker plot or more emotions involved but I don’t think i’m very good at it. It’s this never ending self loathing I have for myself whenever I write them, make clear plot holes, or get every emotion completely wrong or make characters seem weak for no apparent reasons that makes me want to stop. And then we circle back to the whole argument of my one shots are fluff and there’s nothing to it and then i sign off of this account and never return for four days to five days because i can’t possibly write anything good and then i’m back at it without anyone noticing my resentment to writing for those four to five days i was gone. 

sorry but i needed to rant and get it off my chest. 

I don’t think i’ll be writing any one shots for now. It’s for some personal issues I have to get over. I think I’ll just write a chapter of tdh and let myself to breathe for a while. 

  1. hallotom said: Please don’t let this anon make you stop writing your one shots! There are plenty others that enjoy reading it. We need some fluff in our lives too, not just full-on sex scenes all the time. I like your one-shots,
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