Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 23 

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: hello friends. I’m extremely tired and wiped out so this chapter might sound like crap. Nice. I know. But I’m happy to say that this chapter fic is moving along nicely, maybe a bit too quickly…However, I think it’s okay for now. Tell me what you think.

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Unlike the morning after losing my virginity on his boat, I woke up, nestled against his warm body, our limbs tangled with one another’s with the sheets wrapped around us. My head pressed against his broad chest, I strategically shift slightly, allowing myself room to cock my head back and have a quiet moment like this where I could just study his face without him knowing. His face was softened, relaxed enough to ease away the lines that seemed to permanently take residence across his forehead and around the corners of his mouth. He almost looked like a young boy from this angle if it weren’t for the light stubble already growing along his chiselled jaw. Sensing I had shifted position, a frown formed on his lips as he gathered me closer again into his arms, deeply sighing when my arms around his waist hugged him closer. He was so controlling and demanding that at times it overwhelmed me that I could be possibly be attracted to his dark nature and closed off personality. And yet, here I was, lying in bed beside him wondering why he was exactly who he is. Why couldn’t he tell me freely about his past? Could it be a lack of trust? Saddened by the thought, I leaned in and kissed him gingerly on the cheek, careful to not wake him up. It struck me at that point that I would do anything for him just to see him as happy and relaxed as he was here. The idea of this hit me like I had just run head on into a brick wall. I found myself already fallen in love with him.

He stirred in my arms, mumbling something low in his sleepy voice. My heart pounded away as I watched him open his eyes, revealing the electrifying shade of blue I could never get bored of. And then it was like dipping my finger into a warm bowl of melted chocolate and sucking it off in my mouth when I saw his thin lips spread into a shy smile. The sun hit perfectly behind him, basking him in golden rays of light as if he were an angel.

“Morning.” I murmured, breaking into a smile myself. Tom leaned in and kissed me, ignoring the fact that we both hadn’t brushed our teeth yet.

“Morning.” He greeted me back once he parted ways. “I could get used to this…” Tom said flirtatiously, running a finger up and down my arm. “Waking up to a beautiful girl like you in bed…”

I frowned at his words. Surely, this wasn’t the first time waking up in bed with a woman for him was it? “I would assume by your past history that you always woke up to your fling for the evening or whatever.”

Tom mimicked my frown, brows knitting together after hearing my comment. “I don’t…I don’t wake up to girls I’ve had sexual relations with…It’s far too…intimate for my taste. I usually find myself getting up earlier than her or leaving when she had fallen asleep.”

“I don’t understand.” I asked confusedly, grabbing my pillow into my arms and hugging it tight. “What’s wrong with waking up to them or simply cuddling?”

“Amelia…” He groaned, shutting his eyes tightly. “I don’t do cuddling.”

“You were cuddling with me this morning.” I fired back. “You seemed to enjoy it. Why not do it more?”

“That’s only because you’re different.” Tom pinched my chin between his index finger and thumb, tilting my head up to meet his sensual gaze. “I always told you, you were unlike the rest. When will you believe me?”

“So, does that mean you’ll cuddle with me from now on?” I asked excitedly. He smelt like fresh laundry and pine trees, a scent I couldn’t resist to let go if I had the chance to be near him.

“We’ll see.” He smirked. “I don’t understand why you’re confused.” Tom tossed back, blinking quickly up towards the ceiling. “I told you that I don’t make love…What on Earth made you think I cuddle or do anything remotely intimate otherwise?”

I shrugged my shoulders which caused him to chuckle. I watched him as his laughter died down, how the crinkles around the corners of his eyes faded. “So…Should I make breakfast then?” I asked when there was uncomfortable silence falling between us.

“I have to make a few phone calls.” Tom responded, kissing me on the forehead and then stepped out of the bed in his naked body glory. My cheeks were burning at the sight of his other cheeks. “But breakfast does sound good.” He turned around and winked as he slipped into his boxer shorts, fully knowing I was watching him. Quickly stripping the bed of sheets and using them to wrap around my body, I was not as confident in being naked compared to him. I tugged on my shorts and shirt and left the room, mind jumbled with thoughts of his glorious body to me being in love for the first time.

The eggs were cooked and scrambled and the toast was popping out of the toaster when he walked into my small kitchen, hair slightly damp from the shower he must have taken after his phone call. I was preparing pancake mix from scratch when he wrapped his arms around my stomach and pulled me in close, resting his chin onto my shoulder. “Smell’s delicious.” Tom said, stealing a quick peck on the cheek.

“I thought you weren’t into cuddling…” I teased, kissing him back on the cheek. He only smiled back. “And I said you were different.” Releasing me from his hold, he poured him and me a cup of coffee, adding creamer and two sugars to mine—just the way I liked it. I raised an eyebrow at him as I watched him, wondering how he could possibly know how I liked my coffee. “I make observations too.” Tom simply said and took a long sip from his mug. For the hundredth time this morning, I blushed again for him catching me staring at him this morning when I thought he was still asleep.

“So…Who taught you how to make pancakes?” Tom asked conversationally, smoothing down his tie with the palm of his hand as he rested his bum against the countertop behind him.

“My dad did.” I stirred the batter some more, pursing my lips when I still saw clumps of flour floating in there. “He calls me Melia because when I was young, I couldn’t pronounce Amelia whenever someone asked me what my name was.” I said as I scooped some batter and poured it into the sizzling hot pan. I stopped when I heard no response, looking up to see him studying me, no longer the carefree man from earlier. No! No! Come back. What could I have possibly said that made him turn back to the ice cold man he led me to believe that only existed?

“Right, well, I’m running late.” Tom dropped his gaze to the tiled white floors underneath his feet. “I have to make a few arrangements before I head back to the office. John will be around here shortly.”

“But what about breakfast?” I asked, fighting down the rising sob in my throat. My eyes began to sting as I watched him collect his jacket from the couch and shrug it on, not daring to look at me standing there hopelessly by myself in the kitchen.

“I have to go.” He replied curtly. “I expect you to be on time.” The billionaire boss was back, giving me a quick once over of my see through t-shirt and shorts. With that he made his way to the door, pausing as his hand gripped onto the handle. For a moment I thought he was going to run back to me, gather me back in his arms, and kiss me passionately like all the times in the past. But I was in no luck when he turned the knob and stepped out, closing it shut behind him. Flicking off the switch on the stove, I crumbled onto the floor, gathered my knees to my chest, and placed my head between my legs, wondering what went wrong and how I could possibly ever tell him my feelings for him.

The day dragged on. I was constantly running back and forth from my table to the photocopier in the supply room, photocopying documents, preparing files, and answering to any requests he had for me. It seemed to me that he was constantly making me leave my desk so I was nowhere near of his presence. The hurtful thought was quickly chased out of my head when I stopped on few occasions, looking into his glass windowed office to see him running his hand through his hair, making wild motions with his hands as he barked orders into the phone. I knew mega company, Kensington Oil, pulling out would cause a flooring destruction to Hiddleston & Baker but I hadn’t thought it cause this much chaos among the office. Everyone in the building was working night and day, pulling in new clients, convincing old clients to stay, and organizing ways to strategically fight off the wrongly accused lawsuit. 

“God damn it!” Tom slammed the receiver down so hard; I flinched from where I was standing by the doorway. He clutched his head in his hands and loosened his tie in frustration. Night had fallen around two hours ago and I was just about to ask him his preference of choice for dinner but seeing him now, I knew he couldn’t bother with eating. 

“Tom?” I asked quietly. He looked up quickly from his desk, relaxing at the sight of me. Walking steadily up to him, I pushed his seat back and straddled him, not explaining why I was there in the first place. His hands on either side of my hips to steady me, I took it as open invitation to kiss him, gently at first, drawing my lips down across his strong jawline, towards his neck. He groaned into my ear as I shifted upwards, drawing the hem of dress so it pooled around my hips and there was nothing between my wet core and his hardening cock except for the fabric of his trousers and my thin laced underwear. “Hurry.” I whispered into his ear, urging him to unbuckle his belt and lower his pants. His hands did as I implied, revealing his raging cock, erected and fully hard. Before I could ask him to help me remove my panties, he grabbed the fabric in his hand and ripped it off of me, causing me to gasp at his bold move and what little sting from it. Easing my hips up, he slowly lowered me down onto his cock, allowing me to feel every mind blowing second of his bulbous head splitting my silky warm folds. My fingers dug into his shoulders as I was crippled by the sensation of fullness and the friction of his cock rubbing against my clit. “Easy.” He warned in a tight voice as I slowly raised my hips and then lowered back down. For the first time in a long time, I chose not to listen to his word. Moving up and down quicker, I built speed, fucking him the way I was pleased to be fucked, feeling completely in control for the first time. His clenched teeth and the beaded sweat running down the sides of my head that he too felt the same pleasure as I felt, encouraging me more. With every lift and drop, I felt myself clench onto him, drawing him deeper inside me, never getting enough.

“Why do you always close yourself off?” I demanded, angry shouting just like what he did yesterday when he dropped by my house in the middle of the night. “You never tell me anything—ever!” I moved my hips and caused a deep groan escape his lips. “Not your company-” I leaned forward, gaining him better access to my cunt. The warming sensations began pooling faster and faster at the hot place joining my legs. “Not your past! You make me so angry!” I shouted as I came all around him, shuttering and quivering as I felt every spasm of my muscles contracting. Not bothering to answer any of my questions, he came to his release, burying his moans in between my breasts. I held his head in my arms as we caught our breaths, not knowing what came of me to say all those things out loud. He was gentle with me as he lifted my hips and pulled himself out of me, allowing me to rest on his legs instead.

“Is that what you think?” Tom asked softly. I pulled his head out of my chest and studied his sad expression.

“You make it extremely difficult for me to interact with you.” I exhaled.

“Amelia, I can’t help the way I am.” He blinked, lips fixed into a firm line.

“I’m not asking you for every single detail of your life…” I explained. Flashbacks to Scott Mackenzie telling me about his candid family and their relation with one another slipped back into my mind. I shook it off and focused.  “I just want to know why you’re so cold and then so unbelievably sweet with me the next. It’s all so-so-so-confusing! I want to know how you feel about me…”

Tom sighed, fixing his eyes on my faux diamond necklace hanging near the base of my neck. “Amelia…It’s hard for me to explain my feelings…”

“Then try.” I urged. “Because it’s getting really hard for me to not tell you that I fell in love with you, Thomas William Hiddleston.”

His eyes grew wide as his face drew to a blank.

“No…” Tom shook his head and broke my heart when he let go of my hips.

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