Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 21 

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: Yup! Hello, it’s a new chapter. This chapter doesn’t have much Tom in it but the wonderful Scott Mackenzie. We’ll know more about Tom himself and what exactly is between these two.

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I stopped in my tracks, grinding to a halt.

“Mr. Mackenzie.” I called, slightly taken aback by his surprise appearance. “I’m sure whatever you may have left out in your prior meeting can be included in the extensive emails you have already sent to Mr. Hiddleston.” I smiled politely, feeling on edge that his brown eyes seem to turn into a warmer shade of caramel brown, sending my heart racing. What exactly was it about attractive men surrounding me recently?

“So, I’ve seen that you manage his emails.” Scott teased, grinning now.

His grin confirmed a sneaking suspicion of mine when I received long detailed emails regarding the lawsuit filed against from Mercedes-Benz yet somehow always leaving out key details like the time and location of the next meeting or sometimes deadline times. I was always prompt to reply, asking in timely fashion for the crucial points but it didn’t settle well with me that a large corporate law firm could be so careless. Locking his gaze with mine, I knew now it wasn’t his dimwitted secretary, and it was his doing. But why?

“Mr.  Hiddleston is a very busy man.” I stressed each word as if I was talking to a young boy who didn’t know his alphabets. “I was hired to take care of all his needs.”

“Oh, I have no doubt he puts you in good use for his…needs.” His smile grew brighter. I blushed when it clicked inside my head of what I had implied out loud. “But I didn’t come here to talk to you about the boring old case…” Scott rolled his eyes. “I wanted to talk about Tom.”

“Tom?” I asked hesitantly. The streets were now growing with more people from the late morning lunch rush. People scowled at me when I blocked their ways, bumping into my shoulder and whatnot. I stepped closer to his parked car, gripping tighter onto the handles of my purse, not knowing whether I should fight or flight.

“Yes, I’m sure by now you must be curious of his past history…” Scott leaned out the window a bit more, eyes twinkling in the morning sun. “We know the Wikipedia version but do you really know him.”

“His personal life is none of my business.” I shot back too quickly to sound natural and true to my word. The truth was that there were so many unanswered questions I had about him. Tom was often so cold towards me, skilfully brushing off his feelings, and personal questions whenever I tried to dig a bit deeper into the mysterious man underneath the hard shell. Why exactly did he have against the theory of making love? Did something or someone cause him to scoff at the idea of love? Was he even capable of returning the intense emotions I had towards him?  

“We can all lie to ourselves, Miss. Hart.” Scott said plainly. “But surely, you must not underestimate my intelligence. I’ve seen the way you two react when you’re together in one room. Even when I raised hell and fire, he kept his eyes lingering on you every time he glanced away from me. You are a part of his personal life and you do want to know more about this man that you have fallen for.”

I gulped, blinking wildly at the perception of Scott Mackenzie. Was it so obvious that I was completely smitten with the tall, dark, and handsome man I called my boss? And did it really sound as shallow as it does right now? Me, not knowing anything about his personal life except his textbook background and his Googled quotes?

“We’ll drive around the block twice.” Scott said finally. He got out of the car in one slick movement, straightening his immaculate tailored suit, holding the door open for me. Cocky bastard. “After the ride, I’ll promptly let you return to your civic duties as his secretary and all the answers I can provide will be answered. Does this sound fair, Miss. Hart?”

Inhaling a deep breath, I gritted my teeth and bit the bullet, sliding into the seat he had just offered me. Staring straight ahead, I waited for him to join me on the seat beside me, tapping the front driver seat, alerting the driver to commence driving.

“What is your first question?” Scott turned his gaze towards me, still smiling that same cute smug smile.

“How do you know Tom?” I asked, keep my eyes trained on the seat in front of me. I agreed to sitting beside him in the car but I didn’t agree to be lured by his good looks and flirtatious ways.

“You’ve prepared for this haven’t you?” He laughed drily when I shot him a fiery look. “Tom and I have gone far back.” Scott sat up in his seat, resting his foot on one knee. “We went to the same university, played rugby together, and occasionally hung out with the same crowd. We weren’t close—mind you.” He stopped, licked his lips and continued, deep in thought. “We knew each other’s names and of course, each other’s fathers. My father was one of the biggest attorneys in London, working for the biggest firm. His was a communications legend, owner of the most prized public relations company there ever was. Needless to say, money was no object but it was never a problem for both of us. We fought together over the cliché things young men get their heads wrapped around. Girls, grades, and impressing the dean.” Scott listed on the top of his head.

“And that’s why you’re filing an absurd lawsuit against his company?” I retorted, folding my arms across my chest. “You want to win this like getting the prettiest girl on campus or getting the highest grade in class?”

“Winning is very important to me, Miss. Hart.” Scott narrowed his eyes at me, sending unwanted bumps to rise on my exposed skin. “But there’s something much more important than that.” He said, eyes growing darker and stormier than ever before.

“What exactly is it?” I asked quietly, feeling like these minutes were the minutes leading up to the scariest part in the horror movie. The part where the axe murder jumps out from behind the closet he was lurking by, scaring the poor young victim who was crying out our their lungs at the sight.

“Turns out, his mother also knew my father.” Scott finally said, letting the bomb to be dropped, eerie silence filling between the beats of his thoughts. “His mother…” I couldn’t help but hear the scornfulness in his voice already. “Had an affair with my father who was divorced at that time. Needless to say, Tom wasn’t quite too happy about that. It destroyed his life. The public affair, the knowing knowledge that his so called perfect loving family was nothing but a casket full of lies, and of course, knowing fully well that I was related to the man who had made ruins of his life was only a couple of dorms rooms away, he was not too impressed by me afterwards.” Scott breathed, exhaling deeply. “The divorce was astronomical. His mother soon moved in with us, marrying after a year…” His fingers dug into his thigh where his hand was resting before continuing. “And then she did the same thing she did to Tom to our family. She lied. She stole. She destroyed my father’s life, breaking his heart, and taking more than half of his wealth when they divorced.”

I gasped, shocked by the turn in events. He must have heard even in his dark place he seemed to have sent himself into because he laughed bitterly in response.

“Oh, she was good. She ran away to the states, living off of my father’s well earned money until passing away from a car accident. Tom must have still loved the woman because he seems to be still holding this as my fault.” Scott said, looking out the window now. The car was driving slowly, past the office buildings I had grown familiar with. I had forgotten what round we were on.

“But I don’t understand…” I asked confusedly, shaking my head in frustration. “How does bringing up a ridiculous lawsuit supposed to mend your relationship with him?” I looked at him for an answer, studying his sharp facial features. Like Tom, he was breathtakingly handsome. Strong jawline, beautiful eyes, and a mouth that looked good enough to kiss every single moment of every single day. I shook my head. This was Scott. He was the one who is trying to destroy my boss’s company or possibly life!

“Because his mother wasn’t the only one who died.” He shot back at me venomously. His eyes were now bloodshot, jaw locked, body tense. “My father passed away from a heart attack as soon as the papers were finalized. We were buried in mountains of legal debt from the heinous case his mother filed against us, claiming for all our assets! Tom might have thought his life was ruined when his mother left his family but he doesn’t know what the fuck exactly happened to mine!” Scott almost roared. “I’m going to do exactly what his greedy batch of leeches family did to me!”

Breathing heavily, he pinched the bridge of his nose, and shook his head to clear his thoughts. “I apologize…I allowed my emotions to get the better of me.” Scott said gruffly.

“It’s understandable.” I finally managed to say out loud, voice shaking. This was all too much to comprehend. There were obviously a lot of factors in play that could not be undone or said and nothing I could personally do to fix. These hot headed men were fighting a war, not caring about the casualties falling behind them. He studied my face, an amused expression on his. “I mean, there’s a lot between you two…Something that only time can fix…” I stammered, thoughts running wildly through my mind. “But do you really want to hurt more people by throwing fights whenever you can take them?”

“Amelia, there’s one thing I learned about law school that stuck with me.” Scott finally said, eyes flashing. “The court will decide and the world will follow.”

We stared at each other for what felt like ten years. I didn’t even notice during our heated conversation but the car had already stopped, parking right in front of the grand doors of Hiddleston & Baker. Pushing open my door, I stumbled out onto the street, feeling weak in the knees, slamming the door loudly. I knocked on the tinted windows, waiting for them to draw back down.

“Why were you so eager to tell me this?” I asked, heart pounding.

“Because I don’t want you to be hurt in our fight.” Scott replied softly. His brown eyes flickered upwards to the sleek shiny building standing behind me. Giving a small wave, he smiled broadly. “But it seems to me that a show for the man of the hour is more thrilling than the mere minutes I’ve spent with you, Miss. Hart.”

Confused, I turned around, and looked up. There, on the fifth floor with a perfect view of the busy streets from the short height was my worst nightmare coming true. He had seen me exiting the car out of one of his enemies. Gulping, I locked eyes with his dark blue eyes. His hands were slipped into his trouser pockets but even I could tell they were clenched into fists. I sensed the storm as it drew nearer. 

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