Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 19 

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: HERE’S WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO. we are going to pretend that whatever I posted thirty minutes ago never happened. LMFAOOOO. i hate it when i post stuff wrong. ugh. 

anyways, love to hear what you guys think AND exciting news!!! New chapter on SATURDAY. 

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“Wake up, Amelia.” The gentleness of his voice drifted seamlessly into my dream, stirring me back into consciousness. I groaned at the piercing bright light that managed to seep past the dark curtains that hung on his wall, blinding me as I opened up my crusty eyes to see him looking down at me, his famous smirk in place. He was kneeling down on the floor beside the bed, his fingers lacing through my hand, rubbing my knuckles with his thumb. “Good morning.” He almost purred.

“Morning.” I yawned, clapping my mouth shut as soon as I greeted him. I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet. If he had a whiff of my breath, I knew whatever we had together would go into the dumps. Suddenly feeling very self-conscious, I yanked the thick duvet up to cover my naked face, knowing fully well that the bags underneath my eyes were enough to scare any man away. He must have realized something was wrong because his eyebrows furrowed together, confused at my action.

“I’m only giving you two more minutes before I drag your cute butt into the shower.” Tom pursed his lips, letting what just happened to be forgotten. He kissed me on the forehead before he got off the floor. When he finally dropped his leering gaze, I sighed in relief and scrubbed my face with my hands, moaning as my muscles protested against any movement. I had work. I have to get up. But I don’t want too. I want to sleep forever and just forget about answering calls, replying to emails, and being emotionally tormented by an insanely hot boss who can make me beg for him in a matter of seconds.

The first thing I felt was the sharp cool air envelop my exposed limbs and then two very strong arms encircle my waist, hauling me off the bed and throwing me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing more than a sack of potatoes. I must have fallen back to sleep sometime between thinking about how tired I was to how deliciously good he smelt after a shower.

“Let me down!” I giggled, wiggling in his arms. Tom slapped my butt in response.

“I said two more minutes.” He said in a serious tone but even I could tell a smile was in place on his face if I could see him right now.

“I’m tired!” I complained, still laughing. My cheeks began to ache and burn. Finally reaching his private suite washroom, he let me down onto the floor in front of him, allowing my body to slowly graze over his hard chest muscles and abs. Keeping his blue-green eyes trained on me, he took my chin between his index finger and thumb, tilting my head up till I couldn’t look anywhere but at him.

“I’m tired too, Miss. Hart.” Tom spoke quietly, awakening the butterflies inside my stomach to flutter about. “But I don’t like wasting my day and I certainly don’t like to waste my day when I have you to myself in my house.”

I gulped, taken aback but the intensity of his gaze and by his tantalizing promise of something more. “What do you propose us to do?” I asked bravely.

“Strip.” He answered simply, hands already trailing down my shoulders, to the sides of my hips, stopping at the hem of his t-shirt he loaned me after we took the hottest baths I had ever had the pleasure of taken. Just the thought of the powerful orgasm from the mere touch of his skilful hands left me aching with need as I stood in front of him. Slowly but surely, he raised my t-shirt up, pulling it over my head, exposing my naked breasts to him. I squeezed my legs together in hopes of stopping the yearning inside me from coming through to surface. I stood there completely naked.

Tom surveyed me entirely, running his eyes shamelessly from the top of my head, taking his time with my perky breasts, down to my wet mound, and then running them back up when he reached my toes. I squirmed uncomfortably, not enjoying the least of it.

“You’re beautiful…” He murmured, kissing me on the forehead, both my cheeks, continuing alongside my neck. Feeling braver than I ever felt before, I yanked the soft cotton t-shirt he had on and threw it to the pile of my discarded clothes. Tom only softly chuckled at my eagerness as he helped me yank down his sweatpants, freeing his proud erection. Looking up from his bare chest that was sprinkled with a few freckles, I met his eyes and then ever so slowly, I drifted my gaze down towards his cock, silently asking for permission. When I heard his sharp intake of breath, I smirked and got down onto my knees, ignoring the hardness of the tiled floors. Licking the tip, I moaned at the salty taste of his precum on my tongue. Not nearly tasting enough him, I took him in my mouth, feeling the hotness of his smooth flesh, swirling my tongue around the head, drawing him deeper into my mouth. I felt his fingers lace through my hair, gripping tightly onto the back of my head as I continued to take him in mouth, not wanting to slow down. The sound of his choked grunts coming from above me encouraged me further as I tasted more of his cum inside my mouth. He tasted better than I thought he would ever taste.

“That’s enough.” Tom said through gritted teeth, pulling him out of my mouth. I mewled at the thought of not having more of him but the stormy look crossing through his darkened blue eyes reassured me that whatever he had in store would be much more pleasurable. Helping me up off the floor, he took me into the shower, twisting the fancy dials on the wall, allowing heavy jet streams of blazing hot water to cascade down on us. Within seconds, I was dripping with water but it wasn’t something I bothered to notice because the sight of his rippling muscles underneath water was something I never wanted to get out of my head. His mouth was on mine before I could study him any longer, hands on my breasts, cupping them and squeezing them till I was moaning loudly against his lips. Turning me around in the spacious shower, he pressed me against the wall with his body.

He gently kicked my legs wider apart, allowing him better access to me. Not bothering to wait any longer, Tom nudged inside me, filling me completely to the brim. I groaned at the intrusion. I was sure the neighbours could hear me as I continued to moan loudly as we waited for me to adjust to his hard length inside me. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” Tom grunted as he pulled himself out of me only to push himself back in in one powerful push. I felt my knees shake and quiver as I endured his every thrust. He fit perfectly inside me as he continued fuck me against the shower wall. I balled my fists together, digging my nails deep into the palms of my hands, hoping against all hopes to control the deep riveting waves of my impending orgasm at bay. “You know how much it kills me when I see you look so insecure about yourself?” And there it was. So, he never did let it go just like I thought he did. Well, it was silly of me to ever think of the Tom Hiddleston to forget about any small detail for that matter. The man knew my favourite band without me having to tell him!

“Do you?” He pushed himself so deep inside me, my toes curled. I don’t know how he did it but he managed to make the second time having sex in the shower to feel better than the first—and the first was not bad at all. However—on second thought—the first time did have the small problem of me not being on birth control and therefore, putting myself in danger of being pregnant. It was a damn good thing that I had my shot just a few days ago.

“Tom…” I bit my lower lip, blinded by the wonderful sensations pooling in my lower belly. I was so close.

“Do you?” He nearly roared into my ear.

“Yes!” I screamed. “Yes! Yes!” I repeated myself as I edged closer and closer to my release. “Tom, please!”   

“Never forget it.” Tom said in a lower tone as I fell head first into the powerful waves of my orgasm. Snaking a hand across my belly, he pushed two fingers between my tender slicked folds and rubbed the hard swollen nub in between them, allowing me to soak in every precious second of pleasure he was able to instil upon me. I felt myself squeeze every inch of him, sending him off into his own release as his cock twitched and cummed deep inside me. Burying his head into my shoulder, we stayed pressed against the shower wall, thoroughly fucked with the hot water pelting us until we gathered enough energy to properly wash ourselves.


Tom had been courteous enough to allow me to have some time for myself in the bathroom. He had thrown on one of the many immaculate well-tailored suits in his closet and had gone downstairs, phone already in his hands, probably already typing out emails per every minute. I had washed my face so many times I lost count but the bright flush of my cheeks never faded. I looked exactly like someone was fucked in the shower. Sighing, I gave up cooling down my cheeks and smoothed down my designer silk dress he had hung up on his closet door. He must have had someone purchase it beforehand, knowing fully well that I would stay the night on a short notice and therefore, would not have a change of clothes. Cocky bastard, I thought to myself as I quickly walked down the stairs, winding down the spiralling staircase.

When I entered the expansive kitchen, I was, like always, taken aback by the sheer handsomeness of him in a normal setting. He was leaning against the countertop, sipping on coffee from a mug while his other hand held today’s paper. A small crease on his forehead formed as he continued to skim the black words on the pressed paper. I continued to study him, drinking him in like a man who hadn’t had a drop of water in the past three days. I found myself thinking of seeing him every morning like this. Him being so…normal and nonchalant, drinking his coffee and reading the paper. Waking up to him like this morning, being near him at all times, and having him to reassure me of my biggest insecurities.

“Enjoying the view?” Tom asked, not bothering to even look up at me.

“Oh, yes.” I smiled brightly, ignoring the shocked expression on his face. Quickly turning my attention to the towering stack of perfectly golden brown pancakes on the table in front of us, I sat down in one of the hard wooden chairs, piling a few onto my plate. My stomach growled in appreciation as I sliced a chunk with my knife, mopping the maple syrup around my plate before popping into my mouth. I chewed thoughtfully, closing my eyes as I relished the taste of sugar and carbs in the morning. It was far too long since I had a proper plate of pancakes. I had been working far too much to ever make myself something decent. It was always either microwavable dinners or takeout from restaurants around the corner from where I lived.

“Well, I’m glad you’re eating.” He said from the other side of the kitchen. Setting his cup down onto the counter space beside him, he folded his arms across his chest, straining the silky material of his white dress shirt across his muscles. “You’re far too skinny.”

I choked on the piece of pancake in my mouth. “I weigh a healthy amount.” I retorted, taking a bite of melon from the small bowl of fruit beside the plate of pancakes.

“I never see you eat.” Tom scoffed.

“That’s because you’re too busy to notice and I’m far too busy caring about some useless emails sent to my stick in the mud boss.” I quipped back.

Just then his phone vibrated into life. “You’re going to pay for that.” Tom said in a strict tone, pressing his phone against his ear. I stuck out my tongue at him like I was a child and continued eating.

“What?….No! No! He can’t possibly think that….What do you mean he’s thinking of backing out? He can’t do that!”

I stopped eating at the sound of distress in his voice. Sneaking a glance over at him, he had his head in his hand as he began to pace back and forth, face contorted from anger and what looked like to be fear.

Something was wrong.

And I had a really good feeling it had something to do with Scott Mackenzie. 

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