Tall, dark and handsome: Chapter 12 

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: Hello! It’s been a week and a new chapter has arrived. Thank you to all the people who have stuck along so far and continued to read my little fic. Another sexy scene happens in this chapter *wink* *wink*. Tell me what you think! <33333

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I must have slept for a long time because I woke up to the warmth of the sunlight shining through the open windows, blinding me and causing me to groan in protest into my soft pillow. Burying my face into the soft linen sheets, I outstretched my arms to find the body of the intolerable man I had the pleasure of spending the night with yesterday, only to find his spot to be cold and empty. Yet, I didn’t find myself to feel alone inside the small bedroom on the yacht as I felt the same riveting feeling of someone’s eyes on me. Lifting my head up to look towards the corner of the room by the dresser and mirror, I saw him standing there, watching me, in only his trousers. The sight of him could only be compared to as a god. Hard rigid muscles, a smooth panel of rippling abs, and muscles bulging around his arms, he was truly the dreams of many lonely women at night. He smirked as he lifted the cup of coffee in his hands, eyes sparkling and holding a lengthy gaze at me, daring me to admit what I had been caught doing. Not being able to hold his heated gaze any longer, I looked away to the other side of the room, blushing wildly from embarrassment.

“See something you like?” Tom teased, setting his cup down onto a nearby table and slipped his hands in his pockets. He rocked playfully back and forth on his heels, a dimpled grin on his lips.

I coughed, feigning in difference. “No. I was only looking for my clothes.” I replied tartly, wrapping the sheets tighter across my naked chest. God, the view was magnificent. Outside the wide windows, the sight could easily be a fake rendering of what a perfect day in London could be. The storm must have passed while I was asleep because there were not any traces of dark clouds in the cyan colored blue skies. I sighed as I watched the sun slowly rise from beyond a hill where a lighthouse stood proudly, turning the skies with swirls of warm orange, bright magenta and little streaks of blue from the previous night. A sliver of discomfort shot through me when I angled myself off the bed, gripping onto the sheets tightly around my chest with balled fists in fear I might flash him my nakedness.

“The bathroom is in front.” He commented after seeing me grimace in pain. I hate to admit it but I was bloody sore all over. My muscles were tense and I ached in areas I hadn’t thought would be possible to ache. Looking up, I caught him giving me a worried expression before falling back into the same cold stoned expression he was known for. I nodded my head and wobbled over to the bathroom, flicking on the lights and shutting the door. Yesterday had been amazing. I dropped the sheets I clutched so tightly around my chest in front of the mirror to study my body. There were no markings he left but I could still feel every caress, squeeze and touch he’d done to me. For some unknown reason, his touches turned me my bones into complete jelly, igniting fiery paths across my flesh. I shivered slightly as the cool sea breeze danced across my now heated flesh, turning every nerve in my body to be alert and taut. My breasts absolutely ached when I remember how his skilful fingers tweaked and squeezed my nipples, toying with them until I was almost begging on my knees for him to take me right then and there. A small playful smile found its way on my lips when I remembered the effect I had on him too, remembering how he cried out my name after his release. And it was also in this moment, standing in front of the mirror, did I realize that he was the only man who ever made me feel this way. He was the only one that sent my body rippling with pleasure from a single touch of his fingers. The only one who was able to break down my hard exterior and convince me his promise of pleasure was a promise he could keep.

Smiling even brighter now, I turned the dial to the hottest setting and stepped into the shower, allowing every droplet of water to pelt my aching body. I groaned as I massaged a healthy amount of lemon scented shampoo into my scalp, shampooing the messy knots and curls of my hair. Thick clouds of lemon smelled steam soon filled the small washroom, drowning me in complete bliss and making me oblivious to anyone who entered. I gasped, arms automatically flying to cover my breasts and crotch when the shower door was opened, revealing the same man who caused all this soreness in my body and was also the sole reason why I craved a shower so badly, stood there, watching me. Still wearing his trousers, he didn’t waver his sensual stare as he undid his single trouser button and slid them off along with his boxers, proudly presenting his naked form to me before entering into the spacious shower. Not bothering with polite greetings, he reached over for the coconut scented body wash on one of the racks hanging on the walls and poured a good handful into the palms of his hands before brushing over my shoulders, my arms and the side of my hips. I bit back a moan when he spread his large hands of my stomach, travelling upwards till they reached the soft swell of my breasts, cupping and massaging the luxurious body wash on my delicate skin. Pulling me closer till I was leaning right against his chest, I felt his hard erection digging into my bum as he leaned in and whispered into my ear.

“Thought I would help.” Tom said in such a dark tone, I felt the vibrations of his voice in my chest. I moaned when my nipples pebbled between his fingers as he continued to lightly twist and pinch them.

“Mmmmmm.” I smiled through closed eyelids. “You’re doing a good job.” Laughing darkly, he nibbled on my ear before leaving one hand caressing my breast while another one trailed down my chest, my stomach, rested on my hip before brushing over my mound. He chuckled lightly when I gasped in delight, mind spinning wildly, anticipating his delicious touch.

“Are you sore?” Tom asked in a much gentler tone into my ear, fingers slipping in between my pink slicked folds, stopping on my swollen clit. I was only able to groan in response, angling my hips to meet his cupped hand but he pulled slightly away so I couldn’t fully feel his touch.

Nibbling on my lower lip as I thought of the consequences of telling him the truth, I decided to tell it anyway, in fear he might stop what he was doing. “Yes.” I whispered, groaning his name louder this time when he pressed two fingertips onto my clit and circled slowly and methodically.

“Tell me where you’re sore.” He asked in the same gentle tone as he continued to circle the hard bud in the same deliriously good yet slow speed.

Playing along with his game, I answered in short breaths. “Where you’re touching me.”

“And do you like it when I’m touching you?” His voice was light and borderline playful.

“Oh god, yes.” I answered. My answer must have been the one he wanted to hear because he increased his speed in the next second, sending onto the rapid pace and road to release. I stood up on my toes in hopes of matching his movements, nerves taut and skin buzzing with electrifying shimmers of pleasure. He was truly a god. A god who knew my body more than I knew it myself as  he knew the right pressure, the right motions and speeds to drive me to break into a million little pieces by just using his hands. Slipping two fingers into me, filling me whole, I could felt the warm sensations building inside my tight tummy, edging closer and closer till I was at my breaking point. “Tom…” I moaned, tilting my head back so I was resting on his broad shoulder. “I want to feel you inside me.”

“My pleasure.” The water was still heavily pelting on us, he turned me around and pressed my slicked wet body against the cold granite walls, lifted one of my legs into his hand and slipped inside me with one smooth thrust. My finger nails dug into his shoulders as I tried desperately to cling onto reality. This was me. A twenty four year old boyfriend virgin and virgin in bed just yesterday and now I was fucking my insanely hot boss in the shower on his yacht. He moaned loudly into my ear, grunting and growling into my ear as he continued to thrust inside me. Although he entered me in fast deep strokes, I could tell he was holding back just a little bit because of the soreness I was experiencing. It didn’t matter because the hardness and thickness of him still had the same effect, stretching me and filling me to the brim. But something inside me told me I wanted him to go harder. To throw out any gentlemanly manner he was trying to give me and just fuck me senseless against the wall.

“Harder.” I urged him, curving my leg around his waist to draw him closer and deeper inside me. Giving me a quick glance to check if I would be okay if he did do as I asked and if I could withstand the soreness, he happily met my orders and began thrusting his hips in quicker speed. It was just what I needed. “Tom! Tom! Tom!” I repeated his name in short gasps, I clutched tighter to his shoulders as I neared my climax. “I’m going to-” It was like diving head first into a pool of simmering ocean water, wiping out all senses except for bright flashes of white, submerging into heavy pools of delight and bless. Soon, he too groaned out my name into my shoulder and found his release inside me. Dropping my leg, his hands were still on my hips, head still buried in my wet locks when he swore sharply causing me to giggle. The ridiculous of the situation was just too funny for me to not laugh. The hot water that was pelting on us during the whole ordeal had since turned cold and we had managed to do everything but cleaning ourselves during the time spent underneath the downpour. Withdrawing from me without a word, he pulled back the curtains, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his trim waist before picking up his discarded trousers and exited the bathroom like nothing had happened.

A lump grew in the back of my throat as I replayed back the last minutes of our heated embrace that could have possibly turned him into a sour mood. Feeling like I somehow was the one who ruined everything, I licked my lips and brushed my unruly hair behind my ear. I felt my prickle and burn from holding in my tears. Sucking in a deep breath, I lathered my body up with soap and finished my shower underneath the icy cold water. I didn’t want to ever leave the shower but I knew I had to face him as soon as I got out.

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