Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 11 

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: 

I would love to hear what you think. And also, I know my word limit is around 2000-2300 but this one is a whopping 2600 ball park range. Yeah. I went the extra 300 word mile for you guys just to apologize. I’m kidding. I do apologize but the 300 words were for the story. Alright, enjoy!

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“If this is some sort of tactic you use to seduce women to bed, you really need to overthink things through next time because this is borderline assault.” I quipped, turning my cheek towards his charming grin and ocean blue eyes that could make anyone weak in their knees. His finger curled underneath my chin, forcing me to look back into his heated gaze and silenced me with a gentle kiss on the corner of my mouth that promised much, much more. The corners of his eyes only crinkled deeper when he flashed me with one his signature blindly sweet smiles which always made my heart flutter against my ribcage.

“I remembered specifically if it weren’t for me, you would have fallen off the boat.” Tom teased with a voice so warm and silky; it reminded me of my favourite dessert, molten lava cake. His hands ignited shivers and bumps along my arms as he ran down their bare flesh, only to run back up before sliding down the thin straps of my dress. Aware of his hot breath on my neck and the vulnerability of my position—sitting in his lap and wearing a much too thin dress—I shifted my body away from his only to find myself whimpering at the hard contours of his body against the soft ones of mine. His spicy earthy scent enveloped me as he continued to sneakily undress me, a tug here, a zip there and then I found myself to have my lacy bra completely exposed to his eyes and my dress to pool around my waist. I held my breath when his eyes met mine and then running down my neck and finally, resting of my over spilling breasts in my one size too small bra. I shuddered underneath his touch when he ran a thumb just along my ribs where the curve of my breast met, igniting an electrifying path. “And I never do anything unless the other wants me to…” He drawled patiently, running his hands behind my back and with expert skill and experience, I gasped when my bra fell down, exposing me completely as the cool air conditioning licked my nipples, turning them into bright pink peaks. “Do you want me to?” Tom asked slowly, drawing out each word until it became painfully clear what I wanted.

Oh god, yes.

“Yes.” I managed to speak even with an unbearably dry throat and the roar of blood rushing in my ears. Without as much as a stutter, his hands went to my waist and helped me gain balance so I could stand on my two feet.

“Strip.” He commanded. How was it possible that one word could send my whole body to become nothing but a ball of nerves and sexual need?

Blushing, I hesitantly reached for the zipper on the back—mostly already unzipped by him. The soft cool fabric dropped and pooled around my ankles as soon as the zipper finished its path. Standing in front of him in nothing but my barely there panties and stilettos, I would have felt absolutely embarrassed and petrified at the thought of being so naked in front of anyone if it wasn’t Tom. His intense gaze lit my skin alive, buzzing and humming with thrillingly nervous energy, making me feel like the sexiest woman to ever live. “You are absolutely divine.” Tom muttered, placing two hands on either side of my hips, drawing me closer towards where he sat. His finger trailed the outer edges of the frilly lacy of my panties, studying them as if it was the most fascinating thing in the world before he hooked a finger and slid it down past my curvy hips towards my ankles. Motioning me to step out of them, I did as I was told and stood still, anticipating his next move. I moaned when he squeezed tightly on my buttocks, kneading the firm globes in his hands only to return his demanding attention to my breasts, tweaking at the nipples between his fingers. Not wasting any more fruitless time, he pulled me down onto the bed and climbed over me, staring deeply into my eyes with his smouldering gaze. His hand ran along the side of my body, brushing lightly against my breast and stopped just when it was at the hip. Holding in a tight breath, his fingers slowly edged towards my delicate pink folds, tracing them until I made them glisten in my wetness. I didn’t realize I was gripping onto the sheets so tightly in hopes of suppressing my moans and my body writhing out of control until he whispered lightly into my ear. “Relax.” Tom urged, kissing me along the crane of my neck.

But I couldn’t. Something was holding me back. Something he needed to know before we decided to continue. “Tom.” I placed my hands on his broad shoulders to stop his tantalizing kisses on the bottom of my stomach dangerously and deliciously near the heat of my core. He stopped at the sound of worry in my voice. “I have to tell you something?”

“What is it love?” Tom asked, drawing up from his position to where my flushed face was.

“I don’t know if you know this…” I mumbled, looking at the freckles on his lightly tanned chest. “But I never had a boyfriend before.” His jaw locked at the sound of the word. Ignoring him, I shook my head. “I’m not being the overly attached girlfriend or expecting a serious…relationship after this but…” I swallowed down the hardening lump inside my throat. Blinking away the tears that I didn’t even know that had gathered in my eyes, I felt stupid for even allowing what we had between to each other to carry out for this far. “Tell me.” He whispered softly, brushing my hair off with my face. “I’m…a virgin.”

“A what?” I winced at the sound of his voice, sharp and shocked.

“I understand completely.” I shook my head, already wrapping the sheets around my naked body. I pushed him away from me and began gathering my dress that was discarded on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Tom grabbed my wrist, stopping me from slipping back into my panties. I couldn’t help it then. It was like a damn broke inside my chest and all floodgates were let loose. The next thing I knew, I was sobbing into his cotton shirt clad chest, feeling like a complete and utter fool.

“I’m sorry.” I wiped my eyes roughly and pushed away from his tight hold on my body. “I’ll go-I’ll go-”

“Amelia, wait. I don’t understand.”  He held onto my wrist, showing no signs of letting go in the near future. I paused in my spot, allowing every shuddering breath, every quake in my shoulders and every tear to roll down my cheeks to be exhausted. I felt more stupid allowing him to see me standing there, sobbing like a child who lost her favourite doll. His fingers pressed harder into my wrist, urging for me to at least give him an explanation.

“I’m…” I inhaled a deep breath, pausing before I quickly and quietly said my greatest fear out loud. “I’m afraid I’m too inexperienced for you.” His reaction stung more than any insults he was capable of saying with all the words in the English language. Throwing his head back and laughing, he chuckled and giggled until he bent over, heaving to catch his breath. “I guess that’s my answer.” Shaking off his now loose grip on me, I stumbled down the short path towards the door before he grabbed my hand again, spinning me around to face him, entangled in a mass of cotton sheets.

“I’m not laughing at the fact you’re a virgin.” Tom said in a straight face, eyes boring down into mine so I would know for a fact he was telling the truth. “But I am laughing at the fact that you believe I care whether you are—what did you call it? Inexperienced? The point is, Amelia, is I intend to persuade you to lean towards the side of you that you’ve been hiding and neglecting for all these years. So, it is, without a doubt, okay for you to be inexperienced.”

“Oh.” I sighed in relief, wiping the last few fat tears rolling down my flamed cheeks.

“But we’ll go slow first…” He said, returning his lips down the delicate skin below my ear following up by tracing the gentle curve of my neck. Tugging at the sheets I clutched onto with my balled fists, they dropped to the floor and allowed the salty sea breeze to lick and dance over my hot exposed skin. Laying me down gently on the bed, he unbuttoned each of his buttons, slowly, methodically until I was absolutely driven mad at the thought of seeing him naked. Allowing the tailored shirt to drop to the floor next to the sheets, I chewed on my lower lip when I saw the expanse of his broad muscled chest and his rippling slab of muscles he dared called his stomach. His body was completely the opposite of mine. There were no soft curves, extra folds or globes of flesh that begged for his attention but hard ridges, chiselled features and jaw dropping attractive dimples in all the right places. His eyes trained on mine, he suavely unzipped the thin zipper to his trousers and unbuttoned the single black button, pulling down the fabric to expose his boxers that restrained his hard erection. “Like what you see?” He teased, giving me one of his sly crooked grins right as he pulled down the last remaining threads of fabric that kept both of us from ever doing anything illogical or succumbing to our deepest darkest desires—each other. “Oh god, yes.” I managed to squeak out the words I’ve been meaning to say all night long whenever he asked me if I wanted to continue. Laughing airily, he didn’t allow me to say anymore of my desperate pleas for him to soothe the burning attraction my body had for him as he crushed his lips to mine in an eager kiss.

He cupped one side of my cheek, controlling every lick and stroke of his tongue as we tasted each other while another hand roamed down towards one of my breasts and cupped and squeezed, making me moan all in the process inside his mouth. Greatly pleased with himself, I saw a small smile crept onto his lips through my half closed eyelids, he moved his hand down my stomach and thrillingly explored my silky folds once more. His fingers ran down me, pressing lightly but adding enough pressure to send me reeling for more his touch. I felt my stomach muscles clench when his fingers finally slipped in, expertly locating my swollen clit and rubbing it in deliciously slow circles, driving me onto the bridge of insanity. I gasped and moaned under his control as he sped his pace, allowing to never want him inside me and fuck me like all the times he promised in his suggestive manner. “Tell me, Amelia…” The sound of his voice brought me back into a somewhat dazed trance. “Has anyone ever touched you like this before?” I shook my head quickly, raising my hips off the bed slightly to match the stroke of his fingers. He only smiled at my eagerness. “How about like so?” My nails dug into the pillow lying beside me when he entered one finger then two fingers inside me, pumping in and out. I never felt so full and ready before in my life. “Did you?” He asked patiently, eyes flickering with the same mischievousness from earlier this evening. “No.” I shook my head, hearing the sound of yearning lacing my answer. “Tom, please.” I urged now, begging for him to be inside me.

“Please what?” Tom asked in a low tone, narrowing his heated gaze down at me. “What would you like Amelia? Do you want these fingers to be my cock?”

I nodded my head, admitting the truth.

“I’m going to have to hear you say it.” He said smugly, pumping in and out faster now, bringing me onto the brink of an orgasm.

“I want you to fuck me with your cock.” I blurted out, feeling hotter than ever and not feeling slightly embarrassed at the crudeness of my words. They were true and I meant every single one of them.

“My pleasure.” Lowering my gaze from his handsome face, I trailed down the ridges of his stomach and onto his hard erection. His hand encompassed the thick member, pumping it a few times and allowed me to see the pearl liquid of semen on the top. The crinkling sound of the condom was music to my ears. I never thought putting on a condom would be so erotic but with his unwavering gaze and him being Tom Hiddleston, I never thought anything would be truer than this. Pushing me gently back down onto the bed, he angled and positioned himself between my legs. Holding in a tight breath, I felt my body completely give into the world of pleasure he promised when he entered me in one stroke, breaking the barrier and pausing for me to catch my breath as I allowed the brief sharp pain to pass. I moaned into his shoulder, nails digging into his shoulder blades as I acknowledged the fullness I felt. Taking long sinfully good strokes, he moved in a way that was gentle yet forceful like the calm before the storm. “Amelia…” The sound of my name in the airy breath he sputtered during one of his strokes made my stomach muscles to tighten as I realized he felt the same amount of pleasure I felt with him inside me. The warm pooling sensations only washed in more and more with every hard thrust of his hips, rocking the bed and filling the room with only the sound of bed springs creaking and both of our raspy breaths. “Tom…” I moaned, clenching and milking his length inside me in fear that I would never experience pleasure like this ever again in my life. “Tom, I’m going-I’m going-” I wasn’t able to finish my sentence in time as my vision filled with bright flashes of white. My orgasm pierced through me, igniting every limb into a fiery blaze and every muscle to clench and squeeze as waves of pleasure lengthened when he continued, riding me out until I was spent underneath him. Groaning my name, I felt every muscle in his body to tighten and squeeze before he too, was sent into the over the edge and fell down along with me in his own release. Rolling off of me, he collapsed onto his side of the bed and gasped, catching his own breath. Throwing an arm over his eyes, he gave me the look he always gave me whenever he was trying to be protective over me. “How are you feeling?” He turned to face me, tucking his arm underneath his head. His hand lazily drew back and forth in small strokes on my ribcage, gently brushing the underside of my breast when he thought I wouldn’t notice but a sneaking suspicion inside me told me he didn’t care whether I did or not.

“Good.” I smiled shyly, turning to face him. “Tired. Very tired.” I yawned, eyes already closing. I didn’t want to fall asleep just yet but the rock of the boat, his smile and the smell of rich luxury soap in the air, I was a goner. The only thing I remembered next was his arms drawing me into his chest. 

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