Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 7 

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: I don’t know if many of you know this but i’m going to assume many of my followers/readers already know the drama pertaining to this fic that happened over the past week. I’ve been absolutely flooded by messages regarding problems on plot wise and certain characterization mishaps that seem to have bothered a lot people. While I did get a fair amount of nice messages from very supportive readers, I was forced to turn off anon because I grew tired of explaining myself for the inspiration behind this fic. I have made several posts in hopes of clarifying key points. You can read it here [x]

I will be turning back on anon roughly either tomorrow or whenever. If you are shy and still have issues, you can come to me then. But please give this fic a chance before bombarding me with allegations that my characters are unreal and the relationship between them is abusive. Chapters inside the fic are not meant to be taken into as a whole and judged as the end of the story. It’s simply a stepping stone for developing plot.

Please do enjoy and thank to all who have been sticking around my blog for the past week! I know it’s been hard seeing all these messages coming through your dash. I am doing better. Thanks for asking.

Also, I have a word limit/ goal for myself for every chapter. It’s 2k so once I hit near the ballpark range, I automatically conclude and stop. I know it’s frustrating and it seems tiresome to not advance further but it’s fan fiction. I’m fully writing it for fun and not intending it to be compared to full length novels bought in major bookstores. I promise you things will happen. You just have to be patient with me. :)

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I had left his office with shaking knees, a quivering stomach and a growing need for more festering inside my stomach. Although I had never had a boyfriend before, I was not a stranger to other things. Upon forced meetings in the bar with Sherry, there were potential male specimens worth my time and have gone further than a scandalous lip lock near the washrooms but they were always a mere step away from tempting me to do something more. Nothing had settled right with me and had led me to dismiss the fellow men with a sly grin and a shake of the head as I walked away from their respectable corners. No one has ever convinced me of doing something more and yet here I was, standing outside of his office, leaning onto the desk  with my palms splayed on the hard oak, catching my breath and just signed a contract promising every wish he desired.

What was wrong with me?

Right next to hard worker, team player and strategic problem solver on my resume, I had also written sensible. Guess I have to change to my resume. I thought to myself as I sat down on my chair, pulling in closer to the desk and resting my head in my hands. The uncomfortable feeling of lace mixed with my own wetness between my legs only reminded he had caused it. The way he touched me was something I never felt before. With his deep sensual voice, dominant figure and the leering gaze he always throws my way, I never stood a chance against the man. Every woman craved him. Every woman sure as hell thought of him. And every woman would soon want to be me.

Maybe this was something I needed. An invigorating adventure where I step outside my comfort zone and not think over every decision I make twice. I was always labelled the prude in college, trading in hours of partying for hours of staying in my dorm room watching movies or reading and most of the times, studying. Maybe this was something to push me out of my current state of nothingness. I had been internally complaining to myself how the same mundane routine of returning home to an empty flat, repeating the same schedule of  curling into a ball on the couch watching reruns of nineties television sitcoms could inevitably ruin my social life forever. Apart from slapstick jokes set out in the shows, he was the only that could stimulate my mind and body.

The same resounding sharp rap on the glass windows behind me startled me out of my seat. Whipping around in my chair, I met his electric blue eyes. His smart phone pressed against one ear, I heard the ringing of my phone on my desk. Picking up the receiver with shaking hands, I answered, knowing fully well who could it be.

“Hello?” I asked, voice trembling. My throat was as dry as sawdust, making it hard for me to swallow and choke out the next few words.

“Miss. Hart, as much as I love your company…” The corners of his lips twitched, turning up on the side to form a smirk, he continued. “I will appreciate you more if you spent half the time doing the actual work I have assigned to you.”

“Yes, Mr. Hiddleston.” I replied, cheeks flaming as we both looked into each other’s widened eyes. I had never addressed him formally before but judging by the twinkle of mischievousness in his eyes, he liked it.

“Good.” Ending the call with a grace of his thumb on the touch phone pad, he turned around and left me once again shaken by his presence.

Right. Work.

The nervous jitters before meeting Tom for my punishment were muddled and forgotten by the more important task of answering calls, responding to emails and hoping I wouldn’t get fired for doing any of those easy tasks wrong. Now, in the late afternoon, I was somewhat of an expert at juggling everything at once which also meant I had more time to think of what exactly was going to happen tonight. The clock on the bottom of my screen constantly reminded me that in a few mere hours, I was expected to be ready for what he planned for our first date. I checked the time almost twice every minute as my mind mentally ran through all the items inside my closet. Something appropriate yet sexy to any occasion. If I caught the five o’clock train, I would just have enough time of taking a shower and slipping into the dress I had in mind. The dress wasn’t anything too fancy or expensive. I had purchased it from a warehouse sale I attended a while back, disappointed I never found the occasion of wearing it. Now would be the perfect time.

By the time four thirty rolled around, I built up enough courage in my small body and knocked on his door, files in hand, ready for him to sign.

“Come in.” Tom beckoned in the low commanding voice of his.

Stepping into his office, distinctly sharp memories of me standing by the couches this morning with his arms circled around me passed my mind as I stood frozen by the doorway, watching him scribble something on a notepad.

“Parkson and Mattchet files are ready.” I was surprised by my own calm tone as I walked over to the front of his desk. Lifting his eyes slowly off a page filled with scribbles in black ink, he twirled the pen in his hands and studied me, eyebrows slightly raised.

“Hand them over.” He stuck out his hand, thumb lightly brushing against my fingers causing me to wonder if he did that on purpose. Nevertheless, the familiar tingle from his touch made my flesh flare alive. “Good.” Shifting in his seat, he signed the document and handed it back to me.

“I was wondering if there is nothing else for me to do…” I led on, not sure how to quite ask my boss if I could go home early to prepare for a date he had asked me prior.

“You may go.” Tom drawled in a bored tone but his eyes were nothing but. From the setting yellow afternoon sun, his eyes only sparkled more as he studied every feature of my face.

“Thank you.” I said quickly, turning around on my heel and practically ran out of his office. I swore just before the door closed, a soft chuckle was heard. Not wasting any time, I grabbed my coat off from behind my chair and my purse tucked away in one of the drawers and ran towards the elevator, hoping I could catch the bloody train. I was rushing towards the main entrance doors, face red and puffy from dodging petite ancient secretary ladies and lanky businessmen when a car horn caught my attention. Flicking a gaze past my shoulder, I shook my head and smiled warmly at the same man who was in charge of seeing my safe arrival from the very first day.

“You know if you keep on doing this, it is only fair if I know your name.” I smiled cheekly at the man who got out of the car. He was tall, bald and had the sort of stocky figure only long time rugby players had. He was someone you wouldn’t want to start a fight with in the bar or anywhere else for that matter. Dark framed sunglasses covered his eyes but I could tell they showed the same blankness his boss often had.

“John, Miss. Hart.” John, the driver said in a measured tone. “I have been given the order of seeing your safety for the nights you are travelling home by yourself.”

“Oh, I don’t think that would be necessary.” I laughed lightly, waving it off and stopping when John didn’t laugh back with me.

“I have been ordered to, Miss. Hart.” John said in the same monotone voice that promised he would not back done until his task was done.

“Alright.” Brushing my bangs off my face, I walked over towards the parked SUV, shaking my head, muttering how unbelievable this was but yet grateful I didn’t have to run to the train station in kitten heels. I reminded myself mentally to bring up this topic tonight during our date. The cold buttery soft leather seats inside made me moan from pleasure. After spending all day sitting up ridged in fear he might be watching me through the windows, my back and shoulders were in complete knots. Relaxing back into the seats, I watched John as he slipped into the front seat and drove steadily down the winding streets. Engrossed in the soft feeling of light air conditioning brushing my heated forehead and limbs, I almost didn’t spot the white box settled down right beside me. A note on the top written in a fancy cursive said it was me. Intrigued, I opened the note.

To: Amelia.

Wear this tonight.


Lifting up the white box lid, I felt my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw the beautiful shimmery champagne coloured dress. A quick glance at the label shocked me even more when I read the little letters that spelt out Valentino. I picked up the light fabric in my hands, knowing fully well that this was at least two months of my new salary. I knew I had an allowance for my apparel but never had I thought it would be this extravagant. Looking up to meet John’s eyes in the rear-view mirror, he only smirked and shook his head, probably wondering the same thing. What did I do to deserve something like this?

The dress fit perfectly. The silk ran down my body, smoothing every curve a waterfall could only manage to do. I couldn’t keep staring at myself in the full length mirror hanging behind my washroom door. My makeup had been finished, opting for golden hues on my lids and a soft pink on my lips to stop from overpowering the delicateness of the dress. I was a different person. No longer was I the quiet ‘do-as-I-say’ girl but a woman who had the capability of bringing any man to his knees with a single look.

The sound of the doorbell snapped me back into reality. Carefully holding onto the fabric that ran down my slender legs, I safely stepped down the stairs and opened in the door to see him looking more handsome than I could ever imagine. His hair been combed neatly back but still holding his characteristic texture.  The dark black suit paired with a thin tie and bleached white dress shirt made his stance all the more powerful. With both hands slipped inside his pockets, his gaze slowly travelled up from the bottom of my dress, all the way up until it settled onto my burning face. Even in Valentino, the look he gave me made me feel naked.

“You look…” Tom breathed, cocking his head to the side. “Stunning.”

“Thank you.” I whispered, looking towards the ground, smiling that he approved. “I had an excellent stylist.” I lightly joked, shaking my head and licking my lips nervously when he didn’t laugh. “Sorry, lame joke.”

Hooking my chin with his index finger, he tipped my head back until I met his eyes.

“You’re more beautiful than you think.” Tom commented, eyes lingering on mine as we stood there in front of my door. Clearing his throat, he took my hand warmly into his and closed the door behind me. “Come on, let’s go. Dinner waits.”

Taking one last glance at my flat behind me, I silently bid farewell to my old life. 

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